RackAdmin – RackCorp’s in-house developed web hosting and network management platform

One of the key principles behind our company is emphasis on in-house custom developed solutions based on open source software.

A bespoke open source foundation provides us with

  • Maximum reliability as bugs can be patched before official fixes are available
  • Maximum performance thanks to streamlined and lean code
  • Maximum flexibility and extensibility to meet our customers and our own specific needs
  • Minimising cost and licensing which helps keeps prices competitive

These principles form the basis on which is why we built RackAdmin, the backbone of our company since foundation. A custom, in house developed management platform which provides end-user account management, option and service provisioning including reseller management and geo-location and automated billing. All within a slick and easy to use interface and an API.


Rackadmin provides is a streamlined,slick and easy to use solution to manage your web hosting needs

Ask any experienced IT administrator about their experience with the commercial cPanel or Plesk management portals and you will likely hear many negative stories about these systems. Yes they work, and we even offer them as options to our customers but they are not the optimal solution where high-availability and high performance web hosting.


We do not lock users into a particular solution, Apache or NGINX can be selected almost instantly on the fly. Microsoft IIS is available via Virtual or Dedicated Servers

The comprehensive nature of both can make them seem bloated and many plug-ins are required to perform different tasks.


For the best compatibly with popular web apps and bespoke code not only do we provide recent versions of PHP, but older versions can be instantly reverted to maintain full compatibility. Many providers also will only modify PHP.INI settings manually versus our automated feature

The one size fits all approach doesn’t always fit everyone. Our system makes it easy to change email settings, domain DNS or set-up geographic specific servers.


To improve users performance maintaining their SQL databases, local versions of PHPMyAdmin are provided for optimal latency and throughput. Database management over a slow connection can often be frustrating


Virus and Malware protection are an integral part of the email system


DNS can be set to target a send visitors from a specific country to a server that is local to them using the geo-DNS feature

Domain DNS management may sound trivial but have a look at the controls provided by many name brand domain registrars and even web hosting providers. They mostly provided ‘raw’ access to these settings and are hard to use, resulting in needless tickets to tech support, who often have trouble fixing the problem themselves.


One page is all that is needed to configure name servers. No extra hidden sections or boxes to unlock.

A system with 1000 settings may be flexible but it is not robust nor easy to use. Ask anyone who has unintentionally shut their website down using cPanel or Plesk, broken their email services or have unsuccessfully tried to change their domain name’s DNS settings. Not only was RackAdmin was designed to be robust and easy to use but is 100% Australian owned and developed.


Some providers only provide 1-3 months of invoices online often in text-only format. Complete history is available in professionally formatted invoice format


Support tickets include a strict time frame for completion. Support staff are automatically notified of tasks 24×7 via SMS, email and other systems. Critical tickets are answered within 60 seconds.


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