php_network_getaddresses failed

We came across a problem today which we have seen a few times before. They were attempting to install wordpress akismet and when attempting to verify their API key they would always receive the following error:

There was a problem connecting to the Akismet server

This rather trivial message in this instance, and in other instances has been due to a badly set up chroot environment. The actual PHP error being generated is this one:

Warning: fsockopen(): php_network_getaddresses: getaddrinfo failed: Name or service not known

Which simply means that it could not resolve the hostname into an IP address in this instance. There is talk over at PHP bugs about it in which it has been repeated many times that this is NOT a PHP bug! Unfortunately people tend not to read before they post….

Anyway, the important files that you are going to need to make sure are in your chroot environment (with appropriate permissions) to resolve this problem are:


And if you have any wierd and wonderful domain configuration going on, you may need other libnss files too.

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