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Hey Everyone,

Welcome to our new RackCorp branding, and just as importantly, our new RackCorp blog!

For anybody who is new to the history of RackCorp, I might just give you a quick history as to how RackCorp came to be. RackCorp is both owned and operated by Network Synergy Corporation Pty. Ltd, an Australian company that has been around since 2003 in it’s present form, and has a history dating back to 1996 in terms of acquired staff, customers, services, equipment, contracts, and most importantly – experience!

Network Synergy Corporation (NSCorp) has never been a one size fits all company, nor have we ever been a follower in terms of technology. After acquiring 2 web services companies at the end of 2007, we found ourselves maintaining 9 websites, and 18 service portals either on behalf of our own services or services that we had acquired over the years. The maintennance for this many platforms (many of which were acquired in states of high-maintennance) was so high that innovation had been at an all time low throughout 2007. We sat down with management in January this year and made a big decision to invest heavily into combining all of our service portals into one – and if you haven’t already worked it out, this is where RackCorp.com came from!

In later blogs I hope to show off some of the great technology that we’ve built in-house over the years, and hopefully I’ll finally be able to stop leaving customers bemused by always saying “Yeah we can do that, in fact we could have set you up on that years ago”. In doing so I really do hope that our customers can finally get that little something more out of RackCorp that wasn’t available before.

So that’s it for our first blog. A bit of a tease I know, but we’ll keep new blogs coming quick and fast over the coming weeks. There really is months of tech stuff to show off and talk about here at RackCorp, so do check back with our blog regularly as I’m sure there will be plenty of things to interest everybody!

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– RackCorp

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